It’s definitely easy to envy those who are working from home, especially if they have income coming from their stocks portfolio.

But wait…

Stock investing is NOTHING like working from home… It’s not a job that you have to actively do 24/7.

working from homeTrading is a little bit different from investing… trading is when you look at patterns and signals that appear on the stock price movements and you make a conclusion about how the stock prices are going to move, typically in the short term of minutes to days or weeks. There are long term traders as well. Trading is an active skill set that requires you to monitor your positions to buy or sell.

Investing, is a whole-lot different… Most of time when you are investing in stocks.. you are actually doing pretty much… nothing. However, this does not mean your returns are necessarily less than when you trade! In fact, there have been reports of professional investors outdoing active traders.

So, really, the truth is, when you invest in stocks, you are not working from home, but rather, “enjoying income from home”.

The key rules to profitable investing:


  1. Buy a stock with a fantastic scalable business model
  2. Go for stocks with strong business moats
  3. Make sure the management has integrity and is skilled
  4. Make sure the business is financially sound with manageable debt and great cashflow generation

After that, it’s time to sleep!

If you had invested $1000 with Warren Buffett in the 1950s, this amount would have become more than $30 million in the 2000s.. all this while you doing nothing.

Strange thing is, doing nothing is harder than getting all itchy handed. It takes a keen understanding of how stocks work and a trained investor with the right psychology to profit in multiple folds…

This is why at Value Investing College, we emphasise that you must understand the key principles of being a Value Investor and mindset towards growing your money on the stock markets.

Want to grow your money while “working from home?”

The truth is, the effort and the skills come from knowing and recognising the right companies to buy. VIC’s publicly picked stocks have generated powerful returns for shareholders…

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This article was written by Aaron Tan