This Intensive Workshop will shorten your learning curve and equip you with the basic skill sets to invest for yourself and take charge of your own financial outcome.


#1 How to use RM 10 per day to Kick Start Your INVESTMENT JOURNEY

-Calculate how much money you need to retire

-How to use Compounding Interest to Generate Massive Wealth


#2 The 3R Model in Value Investing

-How to use this powerful method to identify great businesses and buy them at a huge discount!


#3 How to Generate Massive Passive Income

How to make 10-25% ROI on your money instead of putting in the bank

How to create a Step by Step Checklist to Minimize Risks and Maximize Returns

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With the rapid depreciation of the Ringgit, knee-jerk inflation and the high cost of living, Malaysians will find it harder and harder to afford their needs and wants at time goes by. One way to overcome this will be to learn how to invest safely and profitably in the stock market to let their money work harder for them

This one day conference is perfect for Malaysian who are looking for solutions for their financial challenges, grow their wealth and enjoy a better quality life. 

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​Our flagship programme, the Value Investing Masterclass (previously known as Millionaire Investor Program), is an intensive 3-day investment course that educates its participants with investment knowledge, specifically in the area of value investing.

Since its debut in September 2008, VIM has seen over 10,000  graduates pass through its doors.

Whether the participants are completely new to investing or are seasoned veterans, they are exposed to the concept of fundamental investing, delivered in an easy-to-understand manner.

During this 3-day course, participants get to internalize the difference between trading and investing, appreciate why methods that are speculative (or ‘predictive’) in nature do not work, and master first-hand the strategies and techniques used by the world’s #1 investor, Mr Warren Buffett, to accumulate their wealth consistently and confidently.

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