For All Singaporeans Who Want to Build a Second Source of Income With Stability, Consistency & Certainty.
Discover The “3R Investing Strategy” That Has Allowed Our Team To Consistently “Buy Low, Sell High” For The Past 10 Years… And How An Average Person Can Generate 12 – 15% Per Annum.
Join us in our one full day Value Growth Workshop where we will be sharing step by step on how you can “Buy Low, Sell High” in the stock market.
Value Growth Workshop
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Strategic Income Multiplying Investing Methodology That You Will Be Learning…
  •  The Step-By-Step strategy on how you can “Buy Low, Sell High” in the stock market to achieve close to 12% - 15% returns per annum.  
  •  A structured and proven 5-Point checklist that you can use to drastically minimize your risk to protect your hard earned money and maximize your returns. 
  •  Regardless if you have just started your career or even as a student, How you can start off investing with a low capital of just $10 a day.
  •  Why even without any technical education, complex charts or sophisticated softwares, you will still be able to make accurate and precise investment decisions. 
  •  How Value Growth Investing is highly ideal for busy professionals as it only requires less than 2 hours a month to start building your portfolio.
  •   Discover some real life profitable case studies on how the strategies have been implemented step by step and how you can duplicate its success. 
  •  Cashflow Option Strategies That Allows You To Extract Cash From The Market On A Monthly Basis With Low Capital Using High Returns Option Premiums.
  •  Many other strategies that have helped more than 10,000 students to date.
Full Day Agenda
8.30am - 9.00am 
Registration & Networking

9.00am - 9.45am      
3 Big Reasons Why Investing In 2019 Can Be a Game Changer For Your Financial Future and The Tools You Can Leverage on To Speed Up Financial Success

9.45am - 10.30am
Step-By-Step Value Investing Strategy On How You Can "Buy Low, Sell High", Used by Warren Buffett & Many Other Successful Investors. 

10.30am - 11.00am

11.00am - 1.00PM
How To Unearth Hidden Goldmine Stocks That Are Waiting To Burst With Profits Using The 3R Value Investing Strategy & How To Decide On The Best Time To Enter. (Case Studies of Actual Investment Made Will Be Shown)

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Here's How Attendees Like You Have Benefitted Tremendously:
"I remembered telling myself "Hey, if I want to put serious money into the market, I better know what I'm doing!"

With the support from a community and learning the 3R concept in depth, I no longer have to worry about my income and retirement."

Vincent Yap, Ex-Senior Manager in Oil & Gas Industry
"After applying the investing methods I've learnt, it has allowed me to achieve consistent returns. 

Making your money work hard for you is no longer a dream."

Hew Hwee Bee, Home Tutor
Who Is Your Speaker?
Ms. Pauline Teo, Chief Operating Officer, Value Investing College Subsidiary of 8I Holdings
Pauline Teo is currently the COO of Value Investing College, which is the number 1 leading Value Investing education provider in Singapore according to the Euromonitor Research.  

Personally mentored by 2 successful value investors, Ken Chee and Clive Tan, Pauline became a multi-millionaire in 5 years even as an ordinary 9-5 employee like most of us.

With her passion in Value Investing and empowering women, Pauline authored her 1st value investing book titled “Value Investing for Women” in 2012, where the first print was sold out within 6 months.

She is also a well-known speaker in the area of Value Investing and has spoken to thousands of audiences from various events, such as Bursa Malaysia Investment Day, Invest Fair Singapore, Invest Fair Malaysia, Value Investing Summit and EXCEL Women's Conference. She was also invited by many brokerage houses to speak on the topic of Value Investing such as CIMB Securities, Maybank-Kim Eng and Affin Investment Bank, and had appeared in FM93.8 and Kiss 92.
Today, most people see Pauline as a successful investor, author and an international speaker.
But 10 Years Ago This Was Far From Reality...
In fact, growing up Pauline came from a family that believe that as long as you can study hard and work in a government organisation, you will have a guaranteed Iron Rice bowl. And so, through hard work and sweat, Pauline graduated as a degree holder and started working in public service.

However, after a few years, that department was privatized and unfortunately for Pauline, she was retrenched. From the compensation of the retrenchment package Pauline was advised to put it into a unit trust that will reward her 5 – 9 % per year.

Believing that, since so many have bought the same investment, the Unit Trust must be the Iron Rice Bowl in the investment world. And so for a good 7 years, she had been religiously pumping in money into her unit trust. Till the subprime crisis came.

In less than a month, Pauline saw more than 50% of her net worth, earned through blood and sweat, wiped out before her eyes.

And that was when she realized that the only thing that is certain is uncertainty. That was when she made a decision to take responsibility of her money and understand the game.

With a stroke of luck, she chanced upon her first investing Mentor Ken Chee & Clive Tan who introduced to her the concept of Value Investing. And through some research, she found that Value investors were the MOST CONSISTENT in growing wealth over the past 50 Years.

After learning from Ken Chee & Clive Tan, she started taking responsibility of her own investment and making her own decision in 2010. In a short 2 years, Pauline achieved a passive income of 12% from dividends (Not including capital gains) and in 2015, she became a multi-millionaire from the stock market.

That gave her the financial freedom to choose the lifestyle she wanted for her family, her kids and herself.
The Rest Is History...
Having benefited massively from the value investing strategies taught by her mentor Ken Chee And Clive Tan, she made it her mission to empower others, who are just like her past self, working in a jaded 9-5 environment but wants more time and money for themselves and their family through value investing.

With this mission in mind, it is how Pauline eventually decided to accept the role of COO in Value Investing College.

Today, Pauline fronts one of the key program Value Growth Workshop, which helps new to seasoned investors achieve a structured plan on how they can carefully allocate their money in growing their investments.

To fulfill her mission of empowering others with financial freedom, so that they too can have more time and money for themselves and their family.
Here is What You Can Expect After Value Growth Workshop
• You will be able to “cherry pick” stocks and make informed decisions on when to buy low and sell high.

• Have a predictable way of generating a second source of income that will allow you to build a peace of mind around your finances.

• Never fear that you will ever have a lack of investment opportunities again because you now have a system that allows you to unearth “hidden gems” frequently.
More Raving Testimonials From Our Community of More than 10,000 Investors
"Prior to learning Value Investing, my investments are typically based on technical studies which did not produce the results that I want. 

After a year of learning Value Investing, my investments have provided a net return of over 60%." 

Richard Lim, Entrepreneur
“It has equipped me with the confidence and competence to invest with proper processes. I truly believe that if you were to apply these strategies, put it to work, invest in yourself, in your knowledge, getting 15%, 20% or even 25% returns a year is highly possible.”

Chris Chan, CEO PPP Group of Companies
Don’t Buy Your Next Investment Until You Come To This MasterClass. Because The Money You’ll Be “Donating” To The Stock Market is Going to Cost A Lot More Than The Masterclass.
Here’s the honest truth: you have struck jackpot here, because we will be sharing insider secrets that most other investors are not willing to share. The reason is because if everyone knows these insider secrets, they will now have to share the opportunities with everyone else.

But if you are a smart investor, you will know that this technique can multiply your profits many times over, multiplying your wealth and passive income over time.
If You Are Truly Serious About Growing Your Wealth To The Next Level, Then We Will See You At Value Growth Workshop!
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