Well, I’m sure that you’ve had your dreams of starting your own business at some point in your time – we all had our entrepreneurial streak strike us like a bolt of lightning! You may have heard of how people struck it rich with their own businesses, now enjoying the luxury and freedom of time.. and money!

starting your own business
Unfortunately, it’s all a bed of roses until reality hits…you realise you have no luxury of time to actually get started because of your job.. you can’t risk your salary by quitting your job today.. and a ton of other reasons hits you like a wall.

While it is perfectly good to be motivated and driven to start your own business, the media has painted an unfair picture of the ease of entrepreneurship and its associated perks like time and money! Most businesses that are started don’t actually turn profitable.. and even more of them close down within mere months.

So, here’s how you can enjoy the benefits of business, without actually starting your own business:

Start Investing in Stocks

The truth about the stock markets is that stock investing is actually synonymous with business ownership. The more you understand this fact, the better your results will be on the stock market.

Rather than placing your capital into starting your own business, you can do something far better – go to the stock exchange, search for businesses with strong potential growth, with a proven track record of producing results with their business model, with a trained and experienced CEO to do all the “dirty work” of running the business for you!

Whats even better is that the track records of listed companies are easily available on their financials! Whats more is that you can create a portfolio of such strong businesses, rather than placing all your eggs into one basket.

Once you understand stock investing is really business ownership, your time horizon of investing vastly improves as you see the bigger picture. You get less jumpy with minute daily price fluctuations, which are essentially meaningless to the trained investor. You start to see the importance of business model and management. Essentially, you’ve started to assimilate the ingredients of becoming a highly profitable stock investor.

To learn the recipe for powerful profits on the stock market, start investing in Singapore now!

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This article was written by Aaron Tan