About the program

The Value Investing Bootcamp (VIB) is our flagship training program that imparts the principles of value investing and techniques of some of the world’s greatest investors like Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch, Sir John Templeton and Benjamin Graham. 

Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned investor, our approach to Value Investing will benefit you by arming you with a robust framework to generate profits and income off the stock market!

Since 2008, well over 10,000 participants from all over the world have attended our flagship programme where we teach them how anyone, regardless of their investing experience, can unearth great companies at undervalued prices and achieve returns that beat the market.

  1. Stock Business Quality Analysis

    Learn a critical step-by-step frame work to profit from rock solid stock picks that you can add to your portfolio and compound!

  2. Portfolio Management

    Learn to create your own portfolio comprising of opportunities ranging from growth stocks that multiply your money to dividend play companies that give you passive income.

  3. VIOS Approach

    Learn the VIC trademarked VIOS (TM) that's so powerful, brokers have walked away mind blown. A powerful cash generating strategy, VIOS can be deployed by you immediately to start generating powerful returns in the form of cash.

  4. PIEC RISK Screen

    Master a highly efficient methodology to filter out the companies worthy of your analysis with our in-house screening criteria and screening systems.

Value Investing Bootcamp (VIB)

Duration: 3 Day Flagship Programme

Hands-on Practical Based Learning

Learn the following:
1. VIC's PIEC RISK Screening for lightning fast discovery of promising stocks
2. Economic Moat analysis for enduring growth in your investment
3. VIOS Framework for instant cashflow generation using Options Premiums
4. Millionaire Investor mental frameworks to manage market volatility
5. Portfolio construction for a recession proof plan
6. How to valuate growth, dividend stocks and asset play companies

Value Investing Bootcamp is just the beginning. Your registration to VIB is accompanied by lifelong support including networking opportunities, community Q&A, tutorials, case studies and more.

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What Graduates Are Raving About

The after-sales support is beyond excellent and is simply the best I have ever seen! I just have 1 question here: How do I give 7 stars?

Ang Han Wei , Graduate,

VIC ,hard to describe in one sentence . The Wow experience in this community is really what you get. Unselfish sharing and giving . Lots of good information. So far this is the best I have ever seen!

Tiffany Lee , Graduate,

Core value investing. Good skills well taught with great tools. 100% bullshit free.

Edward Hoffman , Graduate,

Love the dedication of the trainers and great support from the graduates. Am proud to be one of them. The concept taught is simple to understand and grasp - anyone can invest! Learn, apply and watch the results appear before you. Simply amazing!

Jeffro Ong , Graduate,

One of the best investments I have ever made in my investment journey. Truly it is investment made simple for common folks like myself.

Tan Guo Hao , Graduate,

Awesome, the system is simple and systematic, easy to understand for basic beginners, and the trainers are young, energetic and vibrant, with so much passion to share and empower learning.

Artx Joux , Graduate,


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