Bringing Value Investing to the World.

Changing Lives with Robust Investment Education

8VIC Global Pte. Limited, is among the leading financial education and training providers in Singapore and Malaysia. Its flagship courses, "Value Investing Bootcamp" focus on educating investors from all levels of experience with results proven methods of investing.

With a network supporting more than 7,500 programme graduates and new offices being set up in globally, VIC is geared up for its expansion towards its Vision of being the "Number 1 Global Value Investing Education Provider".

The most important investment you can make is in yourself.

Warren Buffett

Our Mission

To elevate people's lives by giving them tools to control their financial future. We believe living is not merely surviving. It's to thrive. To live empowered lives, and to inspire others to do the same.

We want to transform the way people perceive value investing globally and assimilate that as a healthier and more fulfilling way of living, to recognise that it's possible for them to realise their hidden potential despite seemingly impossible odds.

Our People

The 8VIC team knows they are on the planet for a good reason. This is vital because we know why we do it and it gives us a sense of ownership. Contributing our skills and talents become second nature and purpose-driven.

Our mission is further enhanced by the love our people put into their work and to help people dream big and step beyond their present boundaries. We're enormously dedicated to help each person become the most they want to be, and with an unshakeable belief, to realise the human potential-and thrive permanently.

We are sticklers for solid value. We walk the talk.

Our Culture

We focused on advancing the way people manage their money, to magnify boundaries and shrink limitiations, and to instill the knowledge and training of value investing globally.

We are sticklers for solid values, and we walk the talk. We put heavy emphasis on integrity, stretching our potential, evolving ahead of times, serving one another like family, "heartwork", and simply doing what we love. It has a domino effect over the people we work with, our customers and our partners.

Success Through the Support of a Thriving Community

Our annual Value Investing Summit, where Value Investors congregate.