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Is long term stock holding a sure-win strategy?

Knowing the competitive edge of business model a listed company has towards the market needs is the key.

Retirement Planning vs. Reality

On average, you need RM1 million to retire comfortably in Malaysia.

Singles Day 11.11 – Good Stock Investing Opportunities? Or Just Market Noise?

The chain effect of Singles Day 11.11 Mega Sales!

Would The Share Price Tell You Anything About A Business?

Understand the things behind a business because price doesn't determine the real value of a business.

Budget 2020: Driving Growth and Equitable Outcomes Towards Shared Prosperity

What are the 5 major sectors with significant impacts arising from Malaysia Budget 2020?

3 Simple Steps to Minimize your Stock Investment Risks

Avoid falling into the trap of herd mentality and invest based on this 3 principles.

How to Achieve 1,000% ROI With This 1 Criteria

Achieve 1000% ROI with this 1 criteria.

2 Reasons Why You Need to Have Margin of Safety in Your Investment

The greater of margin of safety in, the lesser risk you will see in your investment.

If You Do Not Sell Away Your Stocks, How would You Make Money?

The real truth is, big money is in the waiting.

Our 5 Key Takeaways from Hartalega Holdings Berhad AGM 2019

Is Hartalega still on its growth path?

Has Opportunity Arises During Times of Crisis?

Has opportunity arrises in Hong Kong Exchange now?

How To Make Money Even When Share Price Goes Down?

Believe it or not, conviction is key in order to invest successfully.

What Causes The Share Price To Go Up?

Understand the reason why share price will go up is crucial before your first investment.

Do These 5 Things If You Want to Get Wealthy In Stocks

Read this if you really want to get wealthy in stocks.

Catching The Multibaggers

Watch out these 4 characteristics to catch a potential multi-bagger company!

How To Make Profit The Moment You Press The ‘BUY’ Button?

3 rules to make profit the moment you press the “buy” button?

THE 5G BOOM: The Top 3 Companies To Watch Out For

3 companies you wouldn't want to missed from the 5G Boom.

5 Key Takeaways From Berkshire Hathaway AGM 2019

5 Insights to apply in our investment decision making process

5 Key Takeaways from Nestlé Malaysia Berhad 35th AGM

Our 5 key takeaways from Nestlé (Malaysia) Berhad 35th AGM.

How to Deal with Fraudulent Companies?

The 4 ways you could deal with fraudulent companies.

3 Steps to Start Investing

3 steps to start investing for every beginner.

3 Reasons When To Sell A Stock?

Find the right moment to sell your shares away!

How To Catch Fast Growing Stocks

3 simple ways to catch solid growth stocks!


This financial ratio can pay off for investors with true value stocks.

5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Start Investing in Stocks

Why start investing today? Because the stock market rewards the action taker.

How To Get Super Rich “Accidentally”

3 simple steps to get rich in stock market!