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Is long term stock holding a sure-win strategy?

Knowing the competitive edge of business model a listed company has towards the market needs is the key.

Retirement Planning vs. Reality

On average, you need RM1 million to retire comfortably in Malaysia.

Singles Day 11.11 – Good Stock Investing Opportunities? Or Just Market Noise?

The chain effect of Singles Day 11.11 Mega Sales!

Would The Share Price Tell You Anything About A Business?

Understand the things behind a business because price doesn't determine the real value of a business.

Budget 2020: Driving Growth and Equitable Outcomes Towards Shared Prosperity

What are the 5 major sectors with significant impacts arising from Malaysia Budget 2020?

3 Simple Steps to Minimize your Stock Investment Risks

Avoid falling into the trap of herd mentality and invest based on this 3 principles.

How to Achieve 1,000% ROI With This 1 Criteria

Achieve 1000% ROI with this 1 criteria.

2 Reasons Why You Need to Have Margin of Safety in Your Investment

The greater of margin of safety in, the lesser risk you will see in your investment.

If You Do Not Sell Away Your Stocks, How would You Make Money?

The real truth is, big money is in the waiting.

Our 5 Key Takeaways from Hartalega Holdings Berhad AGM 2019

Is Hartalega still on its growth path?

Has Opportunity Arises During Times of Crisis?

Has opportunity arrises in Hong Kong Exchange now?

How To Make Money Even When Share Price Goes Down?

Believe it or not, conviction is key in order to invest successfully.

What Causes The Share Price To Go Up?

Understand the reason why share price will go up is crucial before your first investment.

Do These 5 Things If You Want to Get Wealthy In Stocks

Read this if you really want to get wealthy in stocks.

Catching The Multibaggers

Watch out these 4 characteristics to catch a potential multi-bagger company!

How To Make Profit The Moment You Press The ‘BUY’ Button?

3 rules to make profit the moment you press the “buy” button?

THE 5G BOOM: The Top 3 Companies To Watch Out For

3 companies you wouldn't want to missed from the 5G Boom.

5 Key Takeaways From Berkshire Hathaway AGM 2019

5 Insights to apply in our investment decision making process

5 Key Takeaways from Nestlé Malaysia Berhad 35th AGM

Our 5 key takeaways from Nestlé (Malaysia) Berhad 35th AGM.

How to Deal with Fraudulent Companies?

The 4 ways you could deal with fraudulent companies.

3 Steps to Start Investing

3 steps to start investing for every beginner.

3 Reasons When To Sell A Stock?

Find the right moment to sell your shares away!

How To Catch Fast Growing Stocks

3 simple ways to catch solid growth stocks!


This financial ratio can pay off for investors with true value stocks.

5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Start Investing in Stocks

Why start investing today? Because the stock market rewards the action taker.

Investing vs Gambling, Any Difference?

Investing v.s. gambling, have you ever wondered what’s the difference? Some people might say that if you were to invest, it’s practically the same as gambling. After all, people who put their money in the stock market often call themselves investors. Well, investing isn’t like gambling if you know what you’re doing and there is […]

How To Get Super Rich “Accidentally”

3 simple steps to get rich in stock market!

The Ultimate Guide To Start Investing

New Year, New You! Am I right? Is investing one of your resolutions this year? If yes, and you’re not sure how to do it, don’t fret, we have the ultimate guide to start investing!  In this particular guide, we’ll be sharing with you a systematic and logical approach on how to get started! Stocks […]

The MODS Investment Principles

The MODS investment principles, in short, can be considered a guideline or a framework that you should bear in mind when investing. Simply put, the MODs principles is an acronym for the following: Mr. Market, Ownership of Business, Diversification vs. Diworsification and Margin of Safety. Without further ado, let’s take a look and have a […]

The 3 Elements of Value Investing

There are various aspects when it comes to value investing and there is nothing more crucial than having a good understanding of the fundamentals. You need to know that in order do it successfully, there are 3 core elements of value investing: the right business, the right management and the right price.  These 3 elements […]

The Foundations of Value Investing

Before we embark on value investing, it is important that we set our foundations right. Failing which, we will find ourselves floundering in deep water without a floating vest on. As with other activities in life, one must first learn the basics before he or she can move on to mastery. In investing, the process […]

How To Be A Crazy Rich Asian

Some of you may or may not have caught the movie that was recently released and took the world by storm with an incredible all-Asian cast, Crazy Rich Asians. Not only did the film received positive reviews from critics, with praise for its performances, screenplay, and the production and costume design, it also provided the […]

How Your Family Can Travel Every Year Without Using Your Savings

Tis the season to be Jolly! It’s the end of the year where many take families overseas for holiday trips and I’m definitely one of those. As much as we love traveling for holidays, buying air tickets for a family of 5 (including my dad) cost a bomb, not to mention the other expenses incurred […]

Why Women Make Better Investors

The Truth of Why Women Make Better Investors How do we become good investors? This age-old question has collected thousands of answers and theories over the years. Some suggest that a person must be intelligent in order to profit in the stock market; while others feel that a person can earn big bucks by trading […]

How to Create a Portfolio

In today’s article, we are exploring how to create a portfolio. This is actually very important for any investors because a portfolio will help us determine the kind of expected returns and the level of risk we face. For example, if you choose a portfolio that is full of “blue chip” stocks, you can expect […]

Warren Buffett’s Preference of Return on Equity

Today I would like to explain why so many successful investors including Warren Buffett stresses on the importance of a company having a consistent and high Return on Equity. (ROE) Buffett’s view on Stock and Bonds Firstly, we need to understand that Warren Buffett sees the common stock as equity bonds. The earnings per share […]

Why You Must Learn Investing and Personal Finance

Everyone Needs to Learn Investing and Personal Finance During our time in school, we are taught a variety of subjects, ranging from the Sciences to Mathematics to Arts and Humanities. Most of us would regard that the very purpose of learning the respective subjects is to equip us with the relevant skills that will assist […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Disney

When Walter Elias “Walt” Disney founded The Walt Disney Company (back then, Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio) back in October 1923 together with his brother Roy, neither of them would have expected the company to be operating at the scale it is today. What started as a modest cartoon studio is now one of the biggest […]

Facebook Share Price – Is it Good or Bad?

We had the privilege today to invite the Founder and CEO of VIC, Sean Seah, to sit with us and tell us his view on the current Facebook Share Price. Is it an opportunity or is it an indicator to sell? As of this writing, Facebook Share Price is currently 177.78 after the huge 20% […]

Identifying Economic Moats: From Great Companies to Mediocre Ones

Whenever we tend to buy something, it makes logical sense to pay more for something of better quality than a low one. Be it ranging from cars, to houses, or even daily commodities, items of quality generally commands a premium price because the higher-up front cost will be deemed acceptable for the durability or quality […]

What to Invest in Singapore

There are many things to invest in Singapore. Being in a first world country has left us spoilt for choices! Generally, assets ranging from property, bonds to stocks are safely guarded and we have a great social infrastructure to facilitate your investing with peace of mind. To understand what to invest in Singapore, you must […]

What To Do When Inflation in Singapore Goes Up

If you’ve lived in Singapore for any amount of time, it wouldn’t take long for you to realize Singapore isn’t exactly the cheapest place to live in. With the increase of GST coming soon, inflation in Singapore is definitely one of the main contributing cause. Don’t take our word for it: “A study by the Economist […]

Retirement in Singapore, The Awful Truth

Retirement in Singapore, its definitely something we look forward to in the future. Aren’t we all just waiting for bells to toll when we can finally stop working, sit back, relax and enjoy life? However, we do know that the official retirement age is 62 and because it’s “official”, it invariably leaves an imprint on the back […]

Singapore Dividend Stocks and How to Make Money Off Them

Alot of Singaporean investors seek Singapore dividend stocks as a means of effective income generation. Before you jump onboard the bandwagon of dividend stock investing, it is imperative that you read the following guide to build a truly successful portfolio of dividend stocks in the Singapore stock market! There are certain key principles behind why […]

Investment Lessons from Game of Thrones

*cue Game of Thrones theme song* Are you having post-Game-of-Thrones-withdrawal symptoms? Especially after everything that transpired in the latest season and you’re just anxious to find out what will happen next? Well, you’re not alone! HBO’s Game of Thrones is an award-winning fantasy drama television series adapted from George R.R. Martin’s series of epic fantasy […]

How to Start Investing in Singapore

Investing in Singapore can come in many forms, including stocks/shares, bonds, property and more. Before you get started on your first investment on our sunny island, here are some critical bits of information you should know! Learning to invest is absolutely critical if you want to make money and not losses on your investment.   The […]

The Warren Buffett Investment Strategy

I always get lots of questions about Warren Buffett’s stock portfolio, with these two questions as the most common: Why did Warren Buffett buy this stock? Why did Warren Buffett NOT buy this stock? So what exactly constitutes the Warren Buffett Investment Strategy? While the mind of the greatest investor till date is at times […]

Singapore Property Investment is Essentially Value Investing

About a week ago, two “Aunties” or middle-aged women were in the heat of discussing about property investing vs stocks and which to go for on the MRT carriage. Well, there’s no right or wrong, the wealthy always spread their assets among the different classes, however, one of them remarked that Singapore property investments are […]

Options Trading and How It’s Different From Stocks

Options Trading is an extremely interesting field… Simply because of the way options work and are structured, you can be extremely versatile on how your profit off them. Before we move forward, I would like to say that our core strategy still lies in Value Investing and picking fundamentally good businesses. However, using options on fundamentally […]

Investing for Dummies: Read This Before Starting Your Journey

Whatever stage of investing you are at, it’s important for you to read this article! There are many “investors” who have been on the market for years, but not making a single cent…in fact some in losses. All this is because they started off on the wrong foot, and had no formal training and mentoring to […]

The Truth About Making Money

An interesting question popped up last week while I was having dinner with some friends. One of them asked, “How is it possible that Jeff Bezos has 119.4 Billion dollars. If he had 40 years to make that money, he would have needed to make 166 Million dollars a month!” There you have it. The […]

Online Stock Trading, Is It Suitable for Me?

Looking for tips on online stock trading? It’s important to understand whether you are someone suited for trading or investing before starting! Online Stock Trading: Trading generally refers to people buying and selling stocks off the markets based on technical indicators. You could have seen representations of this in precisely annotated charts and brokers yelling […]

Finding the Best Stocks to Buy

Searching the web or asking for quick tips for the best stocks to buy may not be your best investment strategy… The reason is because, when you follow other’s recommendations blindly, you will be stuck later on when you are deciding whether to sell, cut loss or continue holding the stock! Here’s a simple framework […]

Searching for Hot Stocks to Buy: Good or Bad?

Extra… Extra! Read all about it… Analyst upgrades stock rating causing a surge in stock prices… Your circle of friends give it a go ahead… Everyone is jumping onboard the bandwagon. With everyone headed this direction, you just can’t go wrong! …. Or can you? Vying for the hot stocks on Wall Street or the […]

How to Make Money Without Starting Your Own Business

Well, I’m sure that you’ve had your dreams of starting your own business at some point in your time – we all had our entrepreneurial streak strike us like a bolt of lightning! You may have heard of how people struck it rich with their own businesses, now enjoying the luxury and freedom of time.. […]

5 Ways to Widen Your Investment Skills

How do you widen your investment skills? Investing is very much like a sport; the more you practice, the better you become. Does talent help? To some extent, sure. Just like how some people have better psycho-motor skills, or how others are “good with numbers”, a little knack for something gives you an edge in […]

Why Stock Investing is Better than Working from Home!

It’s definitely easy to envy those who are working from home, especially if they have income coming from their stocks portfolio. But wait… Stock investing is NOTHING like working from home… It’s not a job that you have to actively do 24/7. Trading is a little bit different from investing… trading is when you look […]

Buying Penny Stocks: Good or Bad Idea?

First of all, what exactly are Penny Stocks? Lets look at the definition. A Google search reveals Penny stock to be “a common stock valued at less than one dollar.” Well, we beg to differ, a penny stock is a common stock PRICED at less than one dollar, valuation or the worth of the stock […]

The Honest Guide to Getting Rich in Singapore

So, becoming a rich person is probably what most people out there, including you, have on your list of life-time wants! So there’s a saying that goes: Money is the root of all evil. First of all, let’s establish some important facts: the want to become rich and wealthy is not an evil one. Having […]

Investing In Shares to Win Big Time

About 2 months ago, a friend asked me how to benefit from investing in shares – since according to him the share market is all about “luck”. I disputed him on the spot and gave him a lecture on why share market investing has nothing to do with luck, but to do with skills in […]

How You Can Get Passive Income Fast

Who wouldn’t like to have passive income fast?  This may surprise you, but most retail investors in Asia are not really interested in amassing huge amounts of wealth, but are more cashflow focused. This means they invest for the sake of producing cash returns to feed their families. With passive income comes financial freedom, as […]

What You Need to Know Before Investing in Singapore Dividend Stocks

What You Must Know Before Investing In Singapore Dividend Stocks Are you looking on how to yield consistent cashflow from your stock investments? Here’s what you need to know about Singapore dividend stocks: Dividends are a good way to “extract” cash from the companies you are holding on to in your stock portfolio, however, not […]

3 Tips To Look At When Investing In Properties

When it comes to property investing, investors in Singapore look for under-priced and undervalued properties or increase the value of a targeted property through staging and touch-ups. Some property investors say that property prices in Singapore has gotten very high, and spotting under-valued properties to invest is becoming near impossible. That is not true. There’s still […]

3 Investment Red Flags You Should Be Wary Of

One of the best things about value investing is the evergreen nature of its principles. A great company is great and worth investing in because several core elements that, when met, gives the investors a peace of mind, knowing that his/her funds are well deployed. These principles are evergreen plainly because they withstand the test […]

Top Retirement Myths in Singapore

I’m going to tell you a scary story. And this story is real. Listen carefully. Young workers in Singapore are at risk of a shortfall in retirement income, despite widespread and high levels of private savings, according to findings by the International Longevity Centre – UK (ILC-UK). If retirement is important, then planning for it […]

Invest In Cryptocurrency Safely… Even When It’s Volatile

Understanding the meaning of Cryptocurrency First off – as per investing with anything under the sun, you have to understand what exactly constitutes a currency! Currency refers to an accepted form of money, which is used to exchange for goods and services. In the most primitive days, people used barter trade.. but it made things […]

How to Take Advantage of the 2018 National Budget Changes in Singapore

This year, the Singapore government has announced several changes to the national budget. Here is the low-down of what’s going to happen to Singaporeans: 1. An increase in stamp duty for property owners 2. An increase in GST (Goods and Services Tax) 3. A one-time bonus of $100 – $300 will be issued to your pocket […]

How You Can Extract Cash from Stock Holdings

I’ve been asked many a time on how it is possible to generate a stream of income from the stock market. Most people are perplexed as to how holding a stock can produce anything more than just paper gains on your trading account! You Are Investing In A Business, Not A Stock Well, the answer […]