On 19 May, we had a sharing session at the SIAS’s Investment Week 2018 event on value investing by 2 of our distinguished speakers, Dr. Daniel Kao and Ms. Angel Hsu. The event was organised by Securities Investors Association Singapore (SIAS) at HDB Hub in Toa Payoh, and it was truly an insightful experience!

Dr. Daniel’s topic was ‘How to Invest Profitably Through All Market Conditions’ where he shared the importance of adopting a business owner mindset when you become an investor on a particular stock.

He added on that instead of having a top-down approach to looking at the economy, the idea is to have a bottom-up approach so that you’ll understand that you are essentially holding on a to a piece of the business. By having that mindset, your psychology as an investor will really starts to stabilise.

Ms. Angel’s topic on the other hand was “How to Increase Your Wealth Through Value Investing”, which she shared in Mandarin and the highlight of the session was the “ABC” concept where it helps contextualise value investing into an easy framework.

To break it down in simple terms:

A - Assess

  • Before deciding on which stock to buy, one should ideally assess and analyse which company has a good business model. From management to even their economic moat, these are factors that will help you determine if they are suitable.

B -Buy

  • When buying the stock, you’ll want to buy them at a sensible (undervalued) price.

C- Cash Flow

  •  Generating cash from buying the stock and through options strategy.

A small booth was set up in the foyer to engage the audiences even further and to answer any queries they have about value investing or VIC. Books such “Value Investing for Parents” and “Value Investing for Women” were also sold.

We had a very eager crowd and overall, it was an insightful and engaging sharing session!

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This article was written by Aaron Tan

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