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The 3 Elements of Value Investing

There are various aspects when it comes to value investing and there is nothing more crucial than having a good understanding of the fundamentals. You need to know that in order do it successfully, there are 3 core elements of value investing: the right business, the right management and the right price.  These 3 elements […]

Identifying Economic Moats: From Great Companies to Mediocre Ones

Whenever we tend to buy something, it makes logical sense to pay more for something of better quality than a low one. Be it ranging from cars, to houses, or even daily commodities, items of quality generally commands a premium price because the higher-up front cost will be deemed acceptable for the durability or quality […]

Traders Fair and Gala Night Singapore 2018

SINGAPORE – The largest B2B & B2C event Traders Fair & Gala Night Singapore organised by FINEXPO is going to take place on October 26, 2018 at Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre. Traders Fair & Gala Night Singapore is about to become the biggest world Financial Expo-Forum covering Financial and FX Trading Industry as […]

What to Invest in Singapore

There are many things to invest in Singapore. Being in a first world country has left us spoilt for choices! Generally, assets ranging from property, bonds to stocks are safely guarded and we have a great social infrastructure to facilitate your investing with peace of mind. To understand what to invest in Singapore, you must […]

What To Do When Inflation in Singapore Goes Up

If you’ve lived in Singapore for any amount of time, it wouldn’t take long for you to realize Singapore isn’t exactly the cheapest place to live in. With the increase of GST coming soon, inflation in Singapore is definitely one of the main contributing cause. Don’t take our word for it: “A study by the Economist […]

Retirement in Singapore, The Awful Truth

Retirement in Singapore, its definitely something we look forward to in the future. Aren’t we all just waiting for bells to toll when we can finally stop working, sit back, relax and enjoy life? However, we do know that the official retirement age is 62 and because it’s “official”, it invariably leaves an imprint on the back […]

SIAS Stock Simulation Game at SGX

And the crowd goes wild! That was what exactly happened during our VIC Stock Game event on Saturday, the 2nd of June at the SGX Centre! As part of the Singapore Investment Week 2018, “Get Savvy with Investing for Youths” was a seminar specially conducted for young adults between the age of 18 to 30, […]

Say Hello to Our New Batch of Value Investors

On 1 – 3 June, 2018, we had another bootcamp in our Singapore office at Goldbell Towers, where a new batch of value investors emerged! We had a great turnout for this batch and they were very eager to learn how to invest like Warren Buffett! Apart from the intense educational session, games were also played […]

Singapore Dividend Stocks and How to Make Money Off Them

Alot of Singaporean investors seek Singapore dividend stocks as a means of effective income generation. Before you jump onboard the bandwagon of dividend stock investing, it is imperative that you read the following guide to build a truly successful portfolio of dividend stocks in the Singapore stock market! There are certain key principles behind why […]

VIC Stock Game Info – Cashflow Statement

Cashflow Statement